Romantic Bedroom Ideas For Your Home

Richly colored, elaborate accents and elaborate furniture are the mark of romantic bedroom ideas. Dark chocolate, burgundy, blue, or even rich burgundy are very romantic color schemes for a bedroom with a romantic theme. Solid metal accents shine brightest against darker colors so go for gold, copper, or silver in your romantic bedroom ideas. Intricate mirrors with intricate designs are romantic bedroom ideas that will linger. Picture frames are a great idea to hold mementos of special times. Show off your travel collection with a vintage clock or a crystal globe that is uniquely you.

For romantic bedroom ideas in white, black, and beige, try a modern geometric design with sleek lines and beige tones. The headboard and footboard in white combine with beautiful bedding sets that have a casual country feel. Rich, beige tones add to the romantic look of a beige bedspread.

If you want to keep your bedroom simple but romantic, try adding some candles and floral arrangements on your tables, chests of drawers, and floor lamps. A candle on your bedside table will be especially lovely as well as a votive candle on your bedside table. Try to find a balance between bold and subtle colors. Bold colors such as red and orange should be paired with simple pastels, such as pale blue or pale green. Shades of beige and light brown can be used to complement bold colors. If you have a lot of white sheets, add a few rose petals or flowers to accent your white sheets.

If your bedroom has a more rustic feel, antique finishes, beveled edges, and wood finishes with wooden mantles and trim could add romantic bedroom ideas that are practical as well as romantic. Choose finishes that match your bedding very well, such as oak or pine. Look for finishes that accentuating the wood grain of the wood. For example, if your bedroom has wood trim that has a distressed finish, consider having a finish like mahogany that is somewhat lighter in color. You can then use this lighter shade as the base for your lighting fixtures and accent lamps.

In a more modern setting, rustic and distressed finishes can be softened with neutral grays, blacks, and earthy colors. You can then add a few accents with fabrics that are bright and colorful, such as silk, velvet, and brushed twill. Be sure to choose pieces with simple lines and a modern feel. Wall artwork, candles, and small sculptures can also add romantic bedroom ideas. Wall decor is especially easy to accessorize with contrasting colors from your furniture, walls, and other accessories. Using wall art, candles, and other small items, you can dress up your walls and transform your bedroom into a romantic space.

The ceiling is an area where many couples tend to leave out. However, if you look hard enough, you can find romantic bedroom ideas for this area that will really make your space shine. For example, by adding fabric to your ceiling, you can create a romantic feeling with the warm glow of candlelight. If you want to get really funky, you can make fabric window coverings out of fabric and hang them on the ceiling, with a couple of tiered candles on each end. Fabric covered candles look beautiful during the night and will help you achieve the feel that you are in bed together.