How to Come Up With Rustic Bedroom Design Ideas

Rustic bedroom furniture is the perfect choice if you are looking to bring a sense of nature inside your home. While you could easily take rustic design in many different directions, from cozy shabby chic to log cabin, rustic wood and materials are a necessity. If you’re looking for rustic bedroom ideas, look up hundreds of photos below and think about the kind of rustic design you’d like to pursue.

DIY projects for rustic bedroom furniture will feature handcrafted natural materials. Often times you’ll find that handcrafted natural materials go best with western and country themes. In most cases you’ll also be able to find a large selection of faux wood panels that can be used on any size faux wood frame walls. Faux wood panels give a very authentic look without the hefty price tag of authentic wood. Diy projects are an affordable way to create your dream home while saving money over manufactured modern furniture.

One idea that you might consider in your rustic bedroom is a rustic headboard using hardware made from stone. Many hardware stores carry this particular product, which makes finding hardware to use easy. Rustic headboards are perfect for larger beds where you don’t want the headboard to be the focal point of the bedroom. Instead, place it off to the side where it will still be noticed but not the entire focus of the room. Rustic headboard ideas also include the use of faux fur rugs, which are ideal for covering the exposed portion of your bed ceiling.

Another suggestion for a rustic bedroom is to use old western movie posters on your walls as wall decor. By incorporating some of your favorite images from your childhood, you can create a cozy-looking room that will bring back memories of your childhood or dream vacation. Some rustic bedroom ideas include a night light with a western twist, pine cone lighting, and vintage pillows. Some rustic lighting ideas include vintage crystal chandeliers, rustic lanterns, rustic clock clocks, and old world craft beads on a vintage lampshade.

To finish your rustic bedroom, you may want to add a few finishing touches such as a few wooden accents on your walls or in your windows. This will add a very comforting feeling to your room as well as bring history and ambiance into your log cabin. A few other rustic bedroom decorating ideas include wooden flooring done in a reddish brown or sand color. Finish your walls with painted wrought iron or western themed murals and pillows.

Rustic bedroom design can be created by adding southwestern style throws, handcrafted pillows, and wood paneling throughout the bedroom. To finish your rustic look, display a few southwestern accessories on your nightstand such as ceramic skulls or figurines, cowboy boot and belt buckles, and decorative pieces such as a rustic night light or a southwest nightstand clock. You can even dress up a plain dresser by adding southwestern accent pillows or throws on your dresser. Create your own southwest dream bed by adding a few rustic wall art pieces and a couple throw pillows in a southwestern style. Give your rustic bedroom design a beautiful look by hanging your western-themed comforter on a tall wooden night stand.