Blue Wedding Gowns and Accessories

A few years back, most brides chose to wear white wedding dresses. However, today brides are more adventurous and love experimenting with the many different colors of a wedding dress. If you wish to explore this color trend, here are some of the top tips for choosing and designing a light blue wedding dress. We suggest you use some of these ideas when shopping for the dress.

Choose Bridesmaids Dresses in Light Blue: Women always prefer wearing complementary colors for their bridesmaids. Therefore, if you choose light blue dresses for your attendants, you will definitely win their hearts. For example, if your bridesmaids wear peach, pink and purple dresses, your wedding ceremony will be extra special. If you are planning a winter wedding, let your attendants wear light blue dresses that coordinate with winter colors.

Choose a Sushi Wedding Theme: Have you ever heard that most brides choose not to wear any type of traditional jewelry on their wedding day because they believe it will be too formal? On the other hand, the Japanese think differently. If your wedding theme is based on Japanese culture, then you can actually wear some unique items like an embossed sushi roll, chopsticks or mats, fortune cookies, etc. The sushi theme is a great choice for a light blue wedding dress.

Use Traditional White Wedding Decorations: If your idea is to go with the more traditional white dress with embellishments, you can easily accessorize with beautiful handmade paper flowers, lace and embroidery. If your budget allows, you can also have your dress made in silk and add these details to your blue wedding dresses. You may also want to consider using vintage-inspired accessories such as monogram pins and wedding jewelry sets. Another fun idea is to decorate your venue with light blue balloons, ivy or fresh cut flowers. These decorations will surely add sparkle to your event.

Choose A Unique Bridal Look: The most important part of your big day is to look your best. One way to make sure that you will look your best on your special day is to wear a gown that flatters your figure and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Try choosing a classic style wedding gown in a light blue color. If it’s a formal wedding, you may consider choosing a classic A-line gown. If the date of your wedding coincides with a holiday such as Christmas, you may consider wearing a white dress with turquoise accent and veil.

Choose A Good Wedding Planner: If you don’t know of any reliable wedding planners, you may ask your close friends to recommend one. A professional will help you find a gown that flatters your figure. He/She may also help you choose a perfect veil. In order to have a blue bridal look, it’s advisable to follow your natural coloring. Try out some of these tips and be unique on your wedding day.