Bathroom Sink Ideas For Smaller Bathrooms

Bathroom sink designs are very important to be considered as they are the foundation of your bathroom. A well designed and coordinated bathroom sink can bring life into a dull bathroom. Since you know your own type of bathroom sink, now it’s time for the big reveal of the small bathroom sink ideas for your master bathroom! Have collection of small bathroom sink ideas which may suit for your master bathroom in your house! Rustic Bathroom With Double Vanity

Sinks come in two varieties – base and countertop. Base type usually comes with a limited choice of design and style. Generally, people get basins with a small countertop and usually big basin to fill the rest of the space. The most popular and used types of vessel bathroom sinks are standing vertical basins and standing horizontal basins.

When you have limited space, you can go with the standing basin or column basins. Both these types of vessel bowls are hung from the wall. Vessel bowl stands are commonly found in modern homes. The common designs of standing bathroom sink include round, oval or square.

You can also use floating double vanity cabinets to get small double bathroom sink ideas. These cabinets are suspended from the ceiling and used to store all your bathroom accessories. There is no need to put a large cabinet on the floor as the suspended cabinet cabinets take up minimum space.

Cabinets with open shelving are another great addition to small bathrooms. This gives more space for storage. Some other sink styles include single mirrored top, full bathroom sink styles and European pedestal sink.

The most popular choice is a pedestal sink, as they are easy to install, look elegant and can be placed against any wall. A wall mount sink is mounted to the wall while the bottom of the basin or mirror faces the wall. They do not need a cabinet as they do not hang from the wall. If you choose the open shelves, look for those that open outwards from the wall and are slightly tilted.

Small bathrooms are limited by space but that does not mean you cannot have a beautiful looking bathroom. If you need extra storage for your towels and facecloths buy wall mounted linen cabinets. You can even opt for a vanity that has open shelves. Buy extra vanity counter tops to place over your smaller linen cabinets.

Vessel sinks and half bath sinks are contemporary variations of the pedestal bathroom sink. A half bath gives you the space for a larger vanity with plenty of room to store a lot of items. A vessel bathroom sink looks good in any bathroom decor. It gives the look of elegance and can be used with either traditional or modern decor.

You can also create a two-basin vanity, where you can have the lower basin on the left hand side and the upper basin on the right hand side. You can use a rod or pipe for the drain. If you have a small bathroom the rod can be buried under the sink. The concept is similar to having half baths, except it gives you plenty of space to dress up.